Tests & Screenings

Advanced technology for tests and screenings

Our mission at Desert Regional Medical Center is to deliver the latest, most advanced imaging and diagnostic services to you. As part of your ongoing care, it's important to learn the types of imaging services available to you.

You’ll find the latest information on common imaging and diagnostic options below. Call (760) 778-5925 when you're ready to begin.

3D Mammography

Uses multiple low-dose images to create a 3-dimensional view of the breast.  This technique allows the doctor to examine the breast tissue layer by layer, with details more clearly visible because they are not covered by other tissues.

Bone Densitometry

Uses low-energy X-rays to scan the lower back, hip or forearm. This helps to diagnose osteoporosis, a disease that weakens bones and makes them more brittle and susceptible to fracture.

CT Scan

Combines X-rays and computer scans to create images of the body. The result is a detailed image that can show problems with soft tissues, organs and bones. This unit has the ability to produce CTA studies of the aorta and pulmonary arteries

Digital Mammography

Uses X-rays to spot potential abnormalities in breast tissue. This equipment can detect breast cancer early, which generally improves the effectiveness of treatment.


Provides detailed pictures of the inside of the body using strong magnets and radio waves. This unit is notable for its ability to provide greater spatial resolution of images.

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

Produces stereo images of the same area from different angles. This helps determine the exact location for a biopsy in which breast tissue is removed with a needle.


Uses sound waves to produce 3D and 4D images of the body's interior. (This system is a favorite of expectant parents who get to see detailed pictures of their baby in utero.)