Stroke & Neurosurgery

Stroke Care and Rehabilitation

Stroke is one of the nation’s leading causes of death and a major cause of serious, long-term disability. With a Level II Trauma Center, Desert Regional Medical Center provides comprehensive care in the event that you suffer a stroke. It offers:

  • A dedicated neurological critical-care unit
  • A state-of-the-art, award-winning angio suite for conducting minimally invasive vascular and endovascular procedures
  • Long-term outpatient care, including rehabilitation


Neurological critical care

The critical-care unit is staffed by a neurointensivist – a physician who takes a team approach in working closely with surgeons, radiologists, ER staff, pharmacists, rehabilitation therapists and other care providers in neurologic emergencies. Multiple studies have shown that the outcome for patients with critical neurological conditions – such as acute ischemic stroke, aneurysm and hemorrhage – is significantly better when they are cared for by a neurointensivist.

Interventional neurology

Neurointervention allows doctors to use highly specialized techniques, where possible, to avoid conventional open surgery of the brain and spine. It has become essential for comprehensive stroke care.

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