The Center for Weight Management

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If you need medically managed weight loss services in the Palm Springs area, the Center for Weight Management at Desert Regional Medical Center can help you lose weight and get healthier.

  • Our medically managed weight-loss program, OPTIFAST, offers a meal replacement program, medical supervision and dietary counseling to meet your weight loss goals.
  • MBSAQIP LogoFor those who choose weight-loss surgery, the Center for Weight Management is an MBSAQIP comprehensive accredited center , offering gastric bypass, lap band and gastric sleeve procedures
  • We support patients through the entire experience beginning with initial assessment and continuing through bariatric surgery, recovery and lifelong lifestyle changes.
  • Our dedicated weight loss surgeons work as a team with a registered dietician, registered nurses and highly trained hospital staff

Diet and exercise sometimes aren’t enough to get the results you want.

The bariatric specialists at the Center for Weight Management can help. Not only can you lose a significant amount of weight associated with obesity, you can live a healthier, potentially longer life by minimizing other health conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, depression and joint problems.

The Center for Weight Management at Desert Regional offers a number of options for those struggling to lose weight.

Plus, you can access valuable resources, support groups, nutritional counseling, personal training and much more to help you take back control of your obesity and regain a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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Call (760) 323-6346 or use the links below to learn more about how this weight loss program can work for you. You can also take our weight loss health assessment or we can have one of our experts contact you. Just fill out the form below.

You can register for upcoming classes, clinics, seminars, webinars, support groups and other events.
The popular Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure reduces the size of your stomach, assisting weight loss and increasing stamina.
Weight loss option that helps you feel full, manage hormones and control blood sugar.
Gastric banding places a ring around your stomach to help you feel full faster, with less need for supplements.
Not seeing the results you want? A medicine, device or new procedure may improve your weight loss. Talk to a doctor.
Get the expertise and support you need to lose weight with OPTIFASTweight loss program.
We can help guide you in all steps of bariatric surgery.
What do I eat after bariatric surgery? Here are some tips for your post-surgery diet.