Medically Supervised Weight Loss

The Center for Weight Management at Desert Regional now offers OPTIFAST, a medically supervised weight management program that closely monitors progress towards better health and emotional well-being.

Typical OPTIFAST patients are 30 – 50 pounds overweight. The 19-week program utilizes full-meal replacement that transitions to self-prepared meals, in conjunction with comprehensive patient support.


  • Meal replacement diet: Narrowing your food choices helps you work towards weight loss and management by controlling the amount and types of food you eat.
  • Medical supervision: Utilizes the expertise of our providers to help you lose weight safely.
  • Lifestyle education: To help you achieve and sustain better health through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes.
  • Counseling: Individual and group counseling by experts who understand your challenges. Ongoing personalized support: Included both during and after weight loss to help you achieve and maintain success.


  • Active Weight Loss: During the 12-week Active Weight Loss Phase, you’ll use an OPTIFAST full meal replacement diet. You will receive weekly medical monitoring and weekly group sessions under the care of a registered dietitian.
  • Transition: During the 6-week Transition Phase, you’ll transition to regular foods and continue to participate in weekly group sessions.
  • Long-Term Weight Management: The Long-Term Weight Management Phase is ongoing, and usually includes partial OPTIFAST meal replacement and partial regular food, as well as ongoing support.

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